GCSE results


The day of the results came. I, along with tens of thousands of teens, nervously awaited the dreaded envelope. What was going to be in there would be pure joy or something worse than an envelope full of pig crap. In other words, this cheap envelope contained our future. No pressure, then.

As soon as I opened it, my parents were instantly round my shoulders. My mum actually said she was more nervous than me before we set to collect the results, but I was just trying to keep my cool. I was laying bricks.

Luckily, there was a huge sigh of relief from me (and my parents) once I scanned the grades. Nothing in there screamed 'STAR STUDENT', but it was A-OK in my books. If you live outside the UK, these results may not make a lot of sense to you. Just know A* is the best grade you can get, and U is the worst (a jump from E,F,G). A C grade is considered to be a pass. With that in mind, here are my results in 'core subject order':

English Language: A
English Literature: C (screwed this exam up, but luckily scraped a pass).
Maths: B
Biology: A
Chemistry: B
Physics: B
Geography: B
ICT (computers): A*
Religious Studies: A
Business Studies: B
Media Studies: A

So there. I'm hardly a straight-A student, but I coped with the exams alright. In fact, my revising technique was to just revise the day before the exam. Though this payed off for me, it might not for you, so don't go trying it, especially if you aren't very confident in the subject. I just hate revision.

The slightly depressing thing is now I've got to repeat the whole thing again: study for two years and do some exams at the end. The only difference now is that these exams now go by the name of A-levels, and the difficulty has been turned up to eleven. I'll probably write a post here a few weeks into my A-level studies to report back how they are. I'm not expecting to write many positive things, put it that way.

I've got one more precious week to enjoy myself now. I shall spend it by sleeping.

EDIT (25/8/14): I've recently made a video that talks about how crap exams are. Well, it's a good enough excuse to throw the video on this post in my mind. Hope you enjoy!

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