Well, I've just started acting serious on my YouTube channel, so I thought I may as well go full pro and start a blog to run alongside it. This post will simply be an introduction to me, and the (close) future of my channel. Loads of guff will definitely be uploaded to this blog, though.

Well, my name is Jack Cooper and I am 16 years old, nearly 17. Stuff about me? Well I'm quite the chocolate addict, a retiring introvert, have a forte in written English (believe it or not), fond of gadgets and cars, and I have always had the itch to entertain people. Being a shy introvert means this is pretty hard to achieve with all but my closest of friends, but to record my personality on my own and then uploading it to a fairly anonymous public makes it doable, so many yays there.

The thing I have to remind myself at this gloriously early stage is that you have to be patient. I've had YouTube accounts in the past, but I quit early in a 'I didn't get 10,000 subscribers in one month, so it isn't worth it' fashion. I won't let that happen this time round. Even if I only gain 100 subscribers in a year, that's fine by me since it's still progress.

So, channel plans. As I write this now, I only have four uploaded videos. My aim is to get a fair few videos out in a reasonably short amount of time. Once I have a decent amount of videos uploaded, I shall create myself an upload regime to stick to. It'll most likely be about two videos a week.

Something I need to keep in mind is that I am doing quite intense studies for the next two years. It is therefore important to find the right balance of studies and YouTube. If there is an absence of uploads, I'm probably doing some big-ass assignment!

I want to be quite free with the kind of videos I do. Obviously, you're very unlikely to find a house-building tutorial on my channel, but my point is that I don't want to limit myself. Continuously doing the same kind of video each time would get boring, anyway!

This blog will be what its URL suggests: whatever crap my mind spews out, be that an opinion or a review of some tat. Hopefully, I will try and get some kind of similarity between what I upload on this blog and YouTube at the same time, but that requires organisation. I'm not famed for being organised.

I'm well aware that the quality of videos I upload right now are not the best. But which YouTuber instantly starts by making amazingly professional videos? It's a case of learning new skills, keeping dedicated and, as I mentioned earlier, staying patient. Or it could be to do with the fact that the camera I use to record with cost just £60...

My dream? A couple of hundred-thousand subscribers. That, of course, is an insanely big number. But it's my dream, and I certainly won't achieve it if I act all pessimistic about it. If you're reading this and haven't visited my channel yet, do so via the link near the top of the page. Be sure to browse some of my videos and do the usual like, comment and subscribe!

Thanks for reading my first post, I promise it won't be my last!

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