That New Camera Excitement


OK, to normal people, getting a new camera isn't really a big deal. It's just a new machine that is likely to go wrong in the next two weeks, prompting a love-hate relationship.

Well I was in dire need of a new camera; since my one I had been using was a bargain basement compact digital camera that only recorded 720p. In all fairness, it has been a very good little camera to me, especially when you consider it only cost me £60 new.

Finally I have managed to get myself a new camera, thanks to my family's generous donations after a successful GCSE result paper. That new camera is a Canon Powershot SX270 HS (pictured). If you have some knowledge in cameras, you'll know the SX270 is hardly a professional video machine. But with 1080p at 60fps capabilities, it's a huge step ahead of my old camera.

Well, at least it is on the picture front. When we come to audio quality, unfortunately we find things aren't so rosy. My voice comes out deep and punchy, giving my subwoofer a job to do. However, this is accompanied by a very loud hissing noise and just general white noise. My voice is still audible, but this hissing is completely out of order, especially if I want to make some quality videos in the future.

Something obviously had to be done. I was left with two choices: either return the camera and hunt for something new, or keep the camera and think of something to do about the audio.

In the end, I have decided to keep the camera on the sole purpose that the video quality is really nice. To solve the audio issues, I will have to use an external microphone. At the moment, this means using another video camera that has a socket for a microphone. This means I am essentially shooting the same video with two cameras. All I have to do in the editing is take the video from one camera and the audio from the other, and viola!

It won't be like that for long, though. I will soon be purchasing a pretty professional microphone that'll plug into my PC, meaning that A) I'll have good sound quality, and B) I won't be unnecessarily recording two videos of the same thing. I'll be spending about £40-£50, so while that isn't mega bucks, it's enough to get you a nice, clear microphone.

I'll soon also be getting some softbox lighting. These are special bulbs in a box-like figure that give out the right hue of light so it looks like natural daylight. Certainly, they will be a godsend come winter, when it gets too dark to record a video before I have even finished school.

So, the professionalism will be on the up, hopefully. My next video will be recorded on my new camera, but with an external microphone that cost me £1.79. Feel free to mute the video.

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