Sweet, sweet homework


'Ello there! Long time no see. Well, I do have my reasons for that.

As I have mentioned just about everywhere (including my videos) I have just started Sixth Form College, where I hope I won't monumentally fail. Surprisingly, it hasn't been too bad so far. For sure, the work requires you to get your brain into gear, but it's hardly impossible. The atmosphere is nice and relaxed, too. Want your phone out in class? Sure, go ahead.

So it's quite safe to say I am happy on how Sixth Form is going so far. Of course, it is still very early days, but I have at least had a taster now. But while classwork is going on all well and good, the homework kinda isn't.

I was expecting more homework than GCSE. I was expecting to get a few pieces of work a week, be that revising or a project. I was certainly prepared for that.

What I wasn't prepared for, however, was the amount of homework I actually received. Good god, it's mental! We are talking several lots of homework per day here, and not those 10 minute sheets that just have a few questions on them. No, I'm talking about tasks that take literal hours to complete. To add salt to the wound, some of my subjects are setting me multiple big tasks all at the same time! I have three English homeworks all due the same day next week.

So that is certainly the reason why I haven't been as active on this site as I had hoped to be. I just wasn't expecting this much workload! In fact, I'd go as far to say I do more work at home than I do at school right now.

While this blog may have taken a blow and ran a bit dry recently, I have tried my best not to let it affect my video output. However, homework will have to be prioritised over a hobby, so if my video output stalls you'll probably know why. The problem is just how time consuming making a video really is. Here is a rough run-down to give you an idea:

Setting up equipment - 15 minutes
Recording the video - 15 minutes
Putting away equipment - 10 minutes
Transferring audio file from laptop to main PC - 5 minutes
Editing - 2 hours (typically)
Rendering - 20 minutes
Uploading - 20 minutes

So if you do the maths there, that is three hours and twenty five minutes. Of course, it's never exactly that, but it gives you an idea how time consuming it really is - especially when you consider that doesn't factor in breaks such as dinner.

A lot of this video time has had to been taken up by homework. Sure, I could record a video and spend less time editing it, but I'd rather wait to upload a decent video rather than shove out some half-arsed ones.

I'll soon probably be doing a video that relates to this post, so stay tuned for it. God knows when I'll find the time, though.