Coming Whenever I Get My Arse Into Gear: Poundland Series!


But first, let's get my arse into reverse and talk about the fact I have new lighting. I have new lighting. There, done.

Anyone who lives in the UK will know that there has recently been a swarm of shops named Poundland. Surprisingly, they are bits of land where you can buy stuff for a pound. In many ways, Poundland is a good retailer: you can buy properly branded stuff in there for a lot less than the original RRP. Sounds great, doesn't it?

However, the almighty Poundland range of Things does not stop there. They, next to the established brands, have a 'own-brand' kind of thing going on; ranging from earphones to glasses (yes, really). I've never brought any own-brand stuff from there for the simple fact that I don't want to die, but I have wondered: is it any good?

Quick answer: probably not. But there must be things in there which are good (and therefore you can rely on that rather than brands costing many times more). That's where my new video idea comes into play.

Soon I will be starting a new video series where I will be testing out these cheap Poundland products, and coming to a conclusion on whether it's very shit or only mildly shit. So yes, expect things ranging from earphones to any other tat I can find. This should be very, very fun.

It sounds quite like the Ashens way of things, and that's because it kind of is. But I won't be in front of a brown sofa, and I will be using my own humour.

Look out for it coming soon, complete with a channel art typed by Comic Sans *shudders*.

Subscriber check! 41, which is a nice growth. The Jack Cooper Seal of Approval™ has been applied here.

And here is my latest video, complete with my new lighting. Enjoy!