Mother Nature Is Defeating Me


Seasons, eh? What good have they ever done for us? Apart from allowing things to grow, new life to appear, trees to go through their important cycles and food to ripen, what in the name of all that's holy has the seasons done for mankind?

I ask this question because where I live at least, the nights are getting longer and longer - winter is approaching quickly. A few weeks ago, you could see where you're going even when the sweary programs were being broadcasted, but now you're lucky if you can eat your dinner outside somewhere that isn't in inky-black darkness.

I bring this up because light is a crucial thing for my video recordings. For sure, I do have light bulbs in my small room for the night (no less than five, in fact), but the colour temperature they give out is all wrong. The light they beam out is too warm. Are you still following? If not, allow me to explain quickly:

"Dat tungsten lighting doe" - Nobody, ever.
It's a very simple thing that isn't too well-known if you aren't in the photography or film business. Basically, the light a light source gives out (be that the sun or a candle) can be measured by it's colour in the Kelvin Scale. Typically, this ranges from 0K (midnight) to about 10K (direct sunlight). A household lightbulb gives out about 2.5K Kelvin, which is also known as tungsten. It gives a characteristic yellowish tinge that I'm sure you're familiar with. If you don't know, whip out any camera you have and take a photo indoors without a flash. It will come out very yellow.

The right Kelvin I'm looking for is about 5.5K. I can achieve that easily during the day; I just have to open my curtains, but in the night I have to use my tungsten light-bulbs. Trust me, a tungsten video looks god-awful.

The solution is some studio lights, particularly a softbox. These come with special 5.5K lightbulbs to simulate natural light, and they work really well. But I haven't got the money for them at the moment, so if any videos in the near future come out looking like I've recorded them using a potato, you'll know why. And since I'm typing this at 5:05pm and the light is already dimming, it looks to be a likely prospect. Sorry.

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