The PewDiePie Theory


Bloody hell, it suddenly became quite cold and then some in little Britain today. Still though, it's a harsh reminder that we are, after all, already in October. That means it's quite near my birthday. At least act like you care.

Today, I want to talk about PewDiePie. If you know what YouTube is, you probably know who he is, too. He has been the most subscribed YouTuber for a year or so now, recently being the first to break thirty million subscribers. Or, to put it into perspective, seven million more than the whole Australian population.

What separates Pewds to other humongous YouTubers is that he isn't universally liked. For sure, any famous figure is always going to have a 'hate group', but with PewDiePie it's pretty much 50/50 for those who like him, and those that don't. Except from one specific age group...

Young teenagers. They're at the tipping point to realising that making fart jokes and giggling at them isn't actually the best thing to boast about. So why do they like PewDiePie the most, then?

Honestly, there isn't really a clear answer. My only reason I can think of is that Pewds is quite an expressive character, shouting and, critically speaking, over-exaggerating his reactions to games he plays. I suppose young children like that kind of madness before the maturity kicks in and they start laughing at Stephen Fry.

But knowing who the audience is doesn't really answer my quest on finding out just why he is so popular - especially since he is so controversial. Well, I have a theory I wish to propose:

Nowadays, if you make a new YouTube account (sorry, I meant Google "YouTube" Plus), YouTube suggests channels that you should subscribe to, 'to get you going'. If you're like me as someone who clicks through all the pop-ups just so you can get to what you want, you will almost certainly be automatically subscribed to PewDiePie without realising. If you want to prevent that from happening, you have to physically uncheck every channel you don't want to automatically subscribe to. Trust me, there's a lot to uncheck.

Secondly, since PewDiePie is so much bigger than anyone else now, I reckon people subscribe to him just for the sheer bloody hell of it. Y'know, he is a massive star, so subscribe to him regardless. I know I'm guilty for that kind of thing with massive Twitter accounts.

If those points of mine don't have a bit of truth to them, then I have no idea how he gains such an audience. He needs to teach me a thing or two, I reckon.

Anyway, time for a subscriber check. 26. Fantastic.

Before I sign off (ooh, fancy!), I suppose I should note down what I think of PewDiePie, just to abolish any sense of professional unbiased work on this post. I actually quite like his character to an extent. He does put a smile on my face and some of the things he says are genuinely witty jokes. But I could never watch a marathon of his videos; I'll stick to Ashens for that feat.

Thanks for reading, I'll post again shortly!

For now, take a look at my latest video, me mixing coke and milk together and then drinking it! Lovely. Check out my YouTube channel too, while you're at it. OK, that's enough plugging for one day.