General Life Update


For once, I'm not going to rant about a particular subject. This is a personal blog, so I may as well use it for personal things.

It was April Fool's Day on April 1st! Can you believe it? Anyway, enough of the sarcasm. I love April Fool's, because it's a day where [most] people have a good sense of humour. Despite that, I've never actually 'fooled' anyone, on the simple basis that I haven't been clever enough to think of anything.

Well, this year I decided to go to Reddit and get some inspiration. Some pranks were cliché, some where downright evil, and some were a bit too simple. But then I came across a winner. I would remap my brother's keyboard on his laptop.

In case you don't know what remapping is, it's a simple process of changing what each key does. So I could remap my 'Enter' key to now tell the computer that I want it to act as 'Delete' instead. The possibilities are endless, but I kept it simple but cruel. I simply swapped two vowels around; 'o' became 'u', and vice versa. Su, hellu, my name is Jack Cuuper.

Trust me, it worked a treat. His anger almost earnt me a bruise, but it was worth it.

What else has been going on in my life recently? Oh yeah, driving lessons. I started on the very first day of February, so it makes it exactly two months of teaching so far. I have very recently just passed my theory test on my first attempt (thank god), so I am now free to book my practical test whenever I feel the time is right to do so. My instructor thinks I'm ready, but I feel I'm making just a few too many mistakes at the moment.

And what if I do get my licence in the next month? Many cheers all around, that's for sure. But I still don't have a job (which is annoying), so running a car is out of the question for now. Will I forget how to drive? God, I hope not. Oh well, let's just end up on BBC Three's 'Dangerous Driver's School', a show where some teenagers pretend that they have no idea that they're being filmed - despite there being an obvious bloody camera on the dashboard.

Anything else? Well, my exams are coming up shortly. I'm not too worried about them to an extent, because I have a certain amount of faith in myself. But I probably should revise sooner or later for at least a few subjects. Oh wait - I can't due to all this bloody homework I get bombarded with.

Teachers, pls.