Taking Advantage of the -ism Word


Whether you like it or not, sexism really does exist in our modern world, and it has existed for what seems like forever in some shape or form. Only in the past fifty years or so have people actually begun to sort out this issue for once and for all.

Compared to a few decades ago, we have advanced far. The Equal Pay Act (1970) was introduced by the UK government, assuring women that they will get the same pay for the same work as men. While the pay isn't exactly equal currently, it has improved massively in recent times. And of course women aren't seen to be the stereotypical homemakers anymore; looking after the baby, and making sure she is ready to pamper her husband as soon as he gets home. No, over 60% of women are now in work, which is closer to the male figure than it ever has been.

However, while the feminist revolution continues to quietly carry on making things fairer for everybody, there are a few, er, 'toxic' feminists around. Sounds like quite a harsh way of putting things, but I think it's true. They are known officially as 'radical feminists', and they want gender equality and then some. You know, the stereotypical 'men are pointless' ones.

As far as I can work out thus far, they all seem to have built a cosy nest on this abomination of a website called Buzzfeed. To sum Buzzfeed up quickly, it's a click bait extravaganza of random cat pictures, and list articles that often contain a subheading along the line of 'You won't believe what #26 is!!!'. It's trashy, and it kills your brain cells. But most of all, it seems to absolutely love finding sexism in anything.

The day was October 21st, 2014. It was a quiet day, fairly boring actually. I had just come home from school, and decided to see what's what on the world's most laughable website. An article was pinned near the top of the site, called 'There Are More Male MPs Right Now Than The Total Number of Female MPs Ever'. Right, OK, let's click.

The story describes how female MPs claim that politics is a testosterone-fuelled environment, which put other women off. Yes, that may well be true indeed; politics is all about getting yourself heard, especially in the House of Commons. But how in the name of all that's holy is it gender inequality, as Buzzfeed claims?

What's said in the article by interviewed female politicians is that women may not like the idea as much as men would. Somehow, Buzzfeed translates that into a subheading of 'We have a way to go yet in terms of gender equality'. What? Where is the part where women are declined to be part of a political party? Oh right yeah, there isn't one.

Let's take this somewhere else. Primary school teachers are mostly women. There have been no squabbles of sexism here, because men aren't declined to work in this sector, it's just that a lot of men (as a rule of thumb) choose not to work there. Big difference between choice and being declined, and the politics scene is exactly the same. I can think of other female dominated examples, such as librarians and journalists, but none have received complaints, because the Buzzfeed machine hasn't got round to them - yet.

Stick with what you're good at Buzzfeed, and that's blatantly stealing stories and pictures from Reddit, and claiming them to be your original content.

Here's the story that made me roll my eyes.