Cecil the Lion > Cecil the Cow


Nothing quite shows off so well that you're a bit of a knob-end when you post a controversial opinion for all to see. That job is usually reserved to the likes of Katie Hopkins and Piers Morgan - by no coincidence two of the most hated individuals in the United Kingdom. But something recently has been getting up my nose, big time.

The whole world knows about the fiasco regarding poor Cecil the lion. You probably know how the elegant creature was unlawfully shot by a US dentist, who paid an insane amount of money for the action to happen. We're talking tens of thousands of pounds here. 99% of the world will never quite understand the incentive behind it, including me. Now you can breathe a slight sigh of relief; my unpopular opinion is not me being a supporter of the hunt. I may be a dick, but I'm yet to discover how to be that much of a dick. I'm sure I'll find a way, somehow.

 Anyway, it's great that this has significantly raised awareness with regards of endangered species being hunted. Maybe there'll be a bit more of a driving force behind stopping poaching, deforestation, and so on. Upon the good campaigning amongst many people to get the guy (who unsurprisingly has teeth that are seriously on point) extradited to Zimbabwe, I've noticed a different type of protesting popping up on the cancer that is my Facebook feed. And it's all coming from veggies and vegans.

If you fall under one of those groups of people, please try to hold back your steaming ears, boiling blood, and slightly audible grunting. I am not aiming to generalise you lot - especially since I'm friendly with a few veggies, and I'm not a dick in their final form just yet - but all this 'different' protesting has all come from them. So, please, bear with.

It started when I saw someone share a picture from Vegan Publishers. The picture showed the poor lion with the caption: "His name was Cecil, he never bothered anybody". Rightly so, the poor thing. Under the Cecil, there's a picture of a cow. The caption there reads: "She was never named, she never bothered anybody either".

Now, if you brain works in a rather crude and narrow way, then you can understand the picture, and why omnivores may be a bit hypocritical when they cry about Cecil, while tucking in to their steak. Sure. But hang on, let's apply an ounce of common sense to this, shall we? There was an outcry about Cecil because he is an endangered, protected species. There are many, many cows. They aren't going anywhere. But to kill an endangered species is something else. That's why you hear no international outcry when someone hunts a deer, or a pheasant. In some areas, it's good population control.

Not only is there a blatant difference between killing something that's being vigorously protected versus something that was - whether you like it or not - born to be killed, but the fact that people (yes, a plural) are sharing this onto Facebook is just salt rubbed into the wound. I applaud people who choose the vegan or veggie lifestyle, because it shows they have great empathy towards the world. But I personally believe that eating animals is part of the natural food chain (albeit humans have altered it a bit to place themselves on top). It happens everywhere you look, right down to fish eating plankton. It's just how the living world works. By sharing these posts, they are essentially saying to everyone else "My way of life is right, and you're all wrong for following your lifestyle. Feel ashamed. Become vegan" It wouldn't be something to complain about if I had my meat-eating friends sharing posts about vegans acting stupid, being wrong etc, but they don't.

So if you're a veggie or vegan, then I sincerely applaud you. But if you preach? Shut up.