Why Jeremy Corbyn Won The Labour Leadership


I was late to wake this morning, because I am a lazy good-for-nothing teenager. That or I never get enough sleep during the school days, and therefore have to recuperate the lost sleeping hours so heartlessly taken away from me. Anyway, it meant that by the time I did wake up from my slumber, both my phone and tablet were furiously buzzing at me to say that Jeremy Corbyn had won the Labour leadership contest. Mr. Lefty will now be up against Mr. Eton.

The new face of a new Labour
I was not surprised to hear the news, but I was happy. Since he rose to become a serious contender earlier in the year, I have been a strong supporter of him to become the next face of Labour. But the weird thing is, I don't exactly agree with half of his policies - and I bet a lot of his supporters are the same.

And therein lies - to me - why Corbyn has won so outright. The reason why Labour flopped in the last election so badly is because they were acting like a mini Tory party. They didn't bring anything different. When the Conservatives promote privatisation, Labour would offer 'less privatisation'. When the Conservatives promote austerity as a means of reducing the deficit, Labour would offer 'less austerity'. It's just not different enough, and it kind of gives the idea that you don't have enough of a backbone to be different.

Ed wasn't daring enough to capture the imagination
Jeremy, whether you like it or not, is fully against austerity, fully against privatisation, fully against tuition fees, fully against Britain participating in air strikes. He's different, and the other contenders are not. That's not to say the others aren't capable people, because I'm sure they are. But they will follow in the same shadow as Ed Milliband, and look where that led them in May with the safe centre-left politics. They won't be offensive, but they will fail for precisely that reason.

Corbyn is hard-left, equivalent to the left as what Nigel Farage is to the right. And I can't say I'm hard-left, because all quizzes I have taken have suggested I'm more centre-left. But Labour now acting as a real alternative is what I believe has really captured mine and the public's imagination. In the 2020 election, we will have two very different alternatives for people to choose. I will only ever vote on whose policies benefits me and the community the most, even if it is the Conservatives, but I for one will be thankful that there will be a choice.

I very much wish Jeremy the very best.