Why is Suggesting Climate Change to be Legit as Offensive as Donald Trump Himself?


If I went to any public website right now where every user had the ability to put their own comments down, I'd be insane. Nobody wants to go to opinion-central. But anyway, let's say I did do such a thing, and I posted a comment saying "Climate change is real, and something needs to be done about it sooner rather than later". Doesn't sound too crazy, right? Well, in this world, saying that is almost as controversial as supporting the English Defence League. And for those of you who are out of the loop, that's bloody well saying something.
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That's right folks, climate change is still a topic on which many disagree on. There are, of course, many things in this world in which people have strong disagreements in. How the universe started, for example. Or whether there is true life native to a place outside Earth. These are all controversial, because they are topics which haven't been solved, or proven. So people go with their own hypothesis, because that's all there is to go by.

Climate change is somewhat different. It has now been fully proven that climate change has been completely accelerated by human factors. A page from Bloomberg has a fantastic interactive graph which breaks down each natural and human factor that has changed since 1880. It's much cooler to play with the graph yourself to see everything broken down, but here below is the general gist of things:

There is no correlation between natural changes and the warmth of the climate
Human factors on the other hand...

And here we are when we put the two together. Just a little uncanny, if you ask me

So as I hope you can understand, it's pretty cemented that global warming is just one of those things that happen when we burn our fossil fuels, amongst other things. It's basic science; CO2 is a greenhouse gas, which traps the warmer air in, and viola, the Earth is a 'greenhouse'. And bloody hell, do I know how hot those things get sometimes.

Bill Nye, all round good guy, is constantly trying to hammer
sense into others on live TV
So why, may you ask, are people denying it? Let's look at some Republican members from the USA. A lot of them have been saying it's a myth, a hoax. Why would they be saying that? Have they, for instance, just not seen the data? I can bet half my bloody savings they have seen more than enough compelling data that backs up climate change. It still leaves the question: why lie?

Well, you have to be pretty broad and generalised if you want to get a good answer from this question. As you may or may not know, the USA has a particular love for capitalism, and a strong hate for communism. Just look at the Red Scare of the 50s, and McCarthyism to back that one up. It's generalised, for sure, but bear with me. Republicans are the conservative members of the political scene in the US - the ones who want the good ol' fashioned America back - an America that is firmly in track with capitalism.

Ben Carson, a dense mofo, believes the warming is a 'natural
Now bear in mind I'm not that against capitalism at all. I have a bloody Apple product, for god's sake. But it can get a bit demoralised, to say the least. With a business purely focused on the capitalist side of things, the number one goal is to create the largest profit margins possible. It's why you unfortunately get so many production factories in China, where workers are paid next to nothing in unacceptable conditions. But climate change interferes with this ethos. It requires businesses to stop using cheap-but-dirty fossil fuels, and start using the greener, more expensive alternative. In the business eye, why would there be an incentive to do such a thing? Why have the hassle on changing how things are powered, and then make less money from it?

You see the issue. Big businesses want profit, and they want profit now. They think in the short-term, to please their shareholders and give themselves all the cash. However, by doing whatever it takes, they are ruining things for future generations. If we are to battle climate change, we somehow need to convince others that reducing the profit a little will benefit all in the long term. But I'm fairly sure it'll just sadly fall on deaf ears.