Self-Aware Selfish Life Update


Ahh, life updates, perhaps the ultimate case of getting readers to shout angrily "Who gives a flying fuck?" Indeed, I'm very aware that the market potential for reading into a 19-year-old customer assistant's life is relatively narrow, but at the same time, I sometimes like to use this blog as a bit of a diary-esque kind of thing. If that isn't your cuppa, then I totally get you; I wouldn't give a toss, either.

But anyway, here's a flattering recent picture of me, so the post link on the blog home page has an image attached to it. Professionalism.

The last time I did a post like this, it was last summer when I got my A-level results. At the time, they seemed really important to me, and that I had passed one of the biggest milestones of my life. And while that can indeed be argued for, when I look back on it now, it just seems like a mere flash in the pan. My life has moved on loads since that day, and to even think just 9 months ago I was still at school is crazy. It just seems like such a distant memory.

My plan at the time was to not go to university, because the costs of it all repulsed me. I knew, of course, that it was all on loan, and that if I earned less than £21k it wouldn't be repayable, yadda yadda yad. I just didn't fancy being in debt. I suppose it scared me, in a way. Also, I was in the mindset that what I wanted to do (journalism) was something that's gained through experience, not degrees. Again, there are two legitimate sides to this argument, but I won't waste my typing on that one.

Come September 2016. It was just over a month since I got my results, and several months since I last went to school. All of my friends had now gone to university, which essentially left me alone in my home town, doing my customer assistant job day in, day out.

I would like to quickly interject and say I have nothing against my job. In fact, I really quite like it. But what grates on you after a while is the fact that suddenly I had almost nobody to hang out with whenever I felt like it. And while I knew it was possible to get into journalism through merit alone, it became very apparent as the weeks passed that I was making it far more difficult for myself than it had to be.

By the end of that September, I was talking to my friend Connor in the evening through Facebook when I suddenly declared to him that I was going to attend university in September 2017. Bear in mind I had given no proper prior thought to this - it just burst out. Much to my amazement, I haven't looked back since. If I wanted to be all cringe, I would say this was the 'inner me' finally coming out of its shell. But you and I both know that's bull.

So much of the autumn and winter months were spent researching and applying. Considering, as I said, I made this announcement completely on the whim, I had to sort everything out right from scratch. I had to research dozens of universities, craft a UCAS application without any school support, and (admittedly at my own will) check out some potential unis in person. I wouldn't say it was tiresome or overwhelming, but it is a challenge to make sure you pick the place that's right for you. After all, you would be spending years of your life there, and maybe even be based there for your future living indefinitely.

To save you additional reading, the two places that I'd be really happy to go to is either Uni of Sussex, or Coventry Uni. I place Sussex higher purely based on location and scholarship options, but either one would be awesome. And I can happily report I have received an offer from Coventry!

They call it conditional, but the only condition is I provide proof of my results (the certificates), to make sure I'm not a lying bastard. As long as I do that, I'm in bois. And that honestly makes me really happy. It will be a new, exciting chapter of my life, and I really hope the next 7 months fly by, because I really cannot wait to start.

So what a turnaround. I was adamant just 6 months ago that uni wasn't the way, and that it was best to build money and be lucky with my blog. And, you know what, that may still be the best way. But my gut instinct changed, and I really didn't want to fight against it. I suppose if there needed to be a cheesy ending to this post, Never say Never. Bleugh.