The Simultaneous Blessing and Curse: Being Tall and the Insecurities that Follow


As I'm fairly certain that you as the reader can attest to, no two days are ever the same when it comes to the moods you feel from day-to-day; the world is just way too big and unpredictable to let you go hours and hours without some form of mood change. The thing I find about these changes in emotion is that it doesn't only change your perception of your surrounding environment, but it also affects how you see yourself.

I'm a very tall person, and always have been in the relative sense. Growing up, I was always the tallest in class, or at least in the top 2, and I finally settled at a fairly notable 6"3' when I was around 17 years old. Granted, it's not a crazy tall height, but it's enough to be the subject of all the small talk at family gatherings.

My relationship with my height has very much been one that's love-hate, depending on my mood for the day. On some (predominantly sunny) days, I can appreciate the fact that I'm tall like a stereotypical man, and that I've never had issues reaching top shelves of shops or home cupboards. On the other hand, sometimes I completely and utterly hate the attention that my height brings me. I'm introverted through and through, so sticking out like a sore thumb in a crowd is not something I always want. And that's before we've moved on to my biggest gripe...

Body stereotypes are annoying. These days we're told to more or less ignore them, and that they're just constructed by the media - which is true. But both girls and guys are both equally as likely to fall into the trap of comparing themselves with what the 'ideal' physique is. Some could say it's a far bigger issue with girls, but I'm not here to argue that today. All that needs to be said is that I've fallen into the trap in the past before, and it's not nice.

Damn media and their unreasonable ideal body representations

It is, admittedly, quite hard to become morbidly obese when you grow upwards at a vast rate of knots. To put it crudely, when some people were using their energy to grow outwards, I was still using mine to grow closer to the clouds. And while that's all well and good, the downside of that is you tend to become quite slender.

I without doubt eat well over 2,500 calories every day, but I still look like I can fall through a crack in the pavement. My body is disproportionate; I've done too much upwards growing and not enough outwards growing - which takes me back to my point of 'ideal bodies'. I'm disproportionate compared to the models in magazines, but the mainstream media is powerful enough to convince me - and probably you - that those bodies are the right bodies.

It's hard to wrap this blog post up, actually. Usually I find some solution to the problem, and all is well with the world once again. But this time it's a lot harder, because any solution I do think of will be personal and anecdotal, and would therefore be neglecting the (likely) billions of other people having the same sort of worry. It just makes me wonder how much worse this is going to get, now we have the Internet and whatnot.